Financial transcription companies know the sector well


Financial transcription companies should offer a superior dictation, transcription and proofreading service to the finance sector.


Financial transcription companies didn’t exist before VoiceNotes

We launched the company in 2007, financial transcription companies didn’t exist. Regulation didn’t dictate that professionals in the financial sector had to write notes or type up meetings or calls. Remembering the facts after the event was pretty impossible. Since then, we have flourished, and the majority of our clients are in the financial sector, mainly because word of mouth has enabled our name to come up when discussing the need for financial transcripts. See our client testimonials here.

To have what it takes to be the best in the financial transcription services market is, firstly, data security.

We are asked to complete many due diligence and IS/IT questionnaires for pretty much every new client, whether a bank, asset manager, investment firm or financial planner. Second is accuracy, and we pride ourselves on the skill of our in-house, editorial-grade proofreaders to deliver perfect transcripts. After these two key elements comes our excellent customer service, which, of course, is by no means any less important; it’s about the whole process, from the raw audio to the final, polished piece. Not all financial transcription companies have the same level of data security.

Benefits of using financial transcription companies

Anything that will save you time and enhance the quality of communication, including:

  • Capturing summaries of due diligence calls.
  • Recording annual meetings.
  • At training seminars, recording the salient points and examples.
  • At trade shows and networking events, phoning in a short debrief describing the person you have just met. 
  • Capturing action points during financial team meetings.
  • Drafting emails/departmental reports/company newsletters/marketing literature.


There aren’t any other finance transcription companies that dedicate themselves to the needs of the financial sector that we know about. Our focus is on accuracy and security. Transcribing financial data is our unique selling proposition.

Rely on us to get your communication spot on

You can rely on any communication by VoiceNotes to be grammatically correct. In today’s world, a letter with discreet/discrete or compliment/complement spelt incorrectly will not look professional. Professionals do not want to have to spend time reviewing financial transcripts, looking up spellings, and nor can they afford to send out letters, emails or documents that are grammatically incorrect in any way. Let us do this for you.

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Meeting notes for the financial sector

In a world where regulation is becoming stricter, we could all do with a helping hand, and there are many companies, services, products and tools for the job, including us. However, we have something extra to offer. VoiceNotes may not strictly be a piece of ‘technology’ – a program or a tool that advisers or IFAs can directly use – but behind the scenes, we are a well-oiled, efficient machine. Length of dictation dependent, it can take only minutes from when you hang up your call to receiving your voicenote in your inbox, and that ‘record of a meeting that may result in a transaction’ is done, recorded, and you have ticked the MiFID II box. We can offer a free meeting note template for financial advisers.

How it works

VoiceNotes works in a way that is designed to be as familiar and appealing as possible for professionals – one simple phone call that can easily be made, 24/7, from home or the office, the back of a taxi or the foyer at your next meeting. Once you hang up, we get to work, and then email you your proofread note.

Or, we can work on a sound file already recorded. In other words, you can provide audio recordings of any financial meeting, annual meeting, interview, call etc. 

More traditional transcriptions and financial transcripts

We transcribe any audio recording, whether that’s a conference call, investor meeting, annual meeting, shareholder meeting, etc. Any meeting or dialogue you need a financial transcript for, we can offer our service to help.

Financial transcriptions require a high level of attentiveness not only due to industry-focused acronyms, but also because the numbers – prices/transaction dates/investment amounts – need to be accurate. There is no room for error. One mistake or mishear can result in significant and possibly negative consequences. At VoiceNotes, the transcriptionist first provides the transcript, and then at least one member of our editorial-grade proofreading team will proofread it to ensure the very best accuracy. Most other finance transcription services don’t offer the level of quality checks that VoiceNotes does.

Multi-voice transcripts

Many virtual or face-to-face interviews and calls, whether internally or with clients, need to be recorded and transcribed to meet record-keeping regulations. Having a financial transcription of the call is, firstly, easier to scan through to see the sections you need to recall, and secondly, there is then a record for compliance purposes that can be soft or hard copy as required.

Some companies choose speech recognition softwarespeech-to-text and AI – but we would advise that whilst strong progress has been made with this technology in recent years, the accuracy that we can provide still isn’t there, and receiving a transcript with mistakes is worse than not having a transcript at all. Single voice, in a very clear English accent, with no background noise and the ‘author’ ready to correct the software’s grammatical mistakes might be a cheaper option. However, it takes a lot of time to dictate and correct. Using VoiceNotes will let you concentrate on more revenue-building activities. Our team has 13 years’ experience in audio transcription and audio proofing – we ‘get it’. Speech software specifically geared to financial transcription is not as reliable as human interpretation of the voice and experience of fund names and financial acronyms.

Our awards

Over the years, we have been recognised as the go-to company when looking for transcription services that specialise in security and accuracy. Our more recent awards are below:

Proud winners of the ‘Most Innovative Banking & Finance Productivity Tool’ – Wealth & Finance Awards

Proud winners of the ‘Best Full-Service Digital Dictation Solution’ – Corporate Vision

Our team knows abbreviations, phrases and understands financial acronyms

Where we go one step beyond is, of course, rooted in our history – our ethos. We are a dedicated team, whose aim is to provide you with top-quality records of whatever it is you dictate. Transcribing highly sensitive material and producing accurate financial transcripts is where we excel. There are no machines to guess at what you are saying. No machines that may malfunction at the detection of a strong accent. Our astute typists work quickly to provide the raw data. Then our editorial-grade proofreaders, with their sharp eyes and ears and ability to contextualise what you are saying, perfect your written dictation, meaning you can have the utmost confidence in the accuracy of your final document. We aim to provide the best accuracy with no typos or incorrect fund names. For more about our prices, click here.

We keep up to date with regulations such as MiFID II, SM&CR and GDPR

Along with MiFID II regulation, there is now, of course, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ‘Security’ is as big a buzzword at VoiceNotes as ‘grammar’, ‘spelling’ or ‘accuracy’. We operate on a secure VPN platform, so you can rest assured that all sensitive client data is safe. Also, all our staff are CRB-checked in accordance with ISO 27001 compliance.

In an ever-changing and evolving technological world, increasing regulatory pressures are inevitable, and whilst there are many excellent digital and ‘technological’ solutions out there for your business, we are here also as a fully compliant company offering a service to help ease the burden of those regulatory pressures, but with that added human touch.

If you are involved in investment management committee board meetings, click here for information on how to record these, or you might like to read our article about fintech, hedge funds and online meetings.

We encourage you to ask financial transcription companies about the regulations needed in your industry.


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