How capture IFA file notes

Keeping up with the multitude of regulatory requirements these days is a challenge, to say the least, but maintaining comprehensive and compliant IFA file notes, as well as constructing effective IFA engagement letters, are two areas we can help with as the financial industry’s premier specialist dictation and transcription service.


As quoted by Philip Calvert in Adviser LifeTalk, when discussing VoiceNotes, “You won’t believe how much time this simple solution (IFA dictation and transcription service) is saving many IFAs, financial planners and paraplanners.”

How many hours a week do you spend on client meeting notes, engagement and recommendation letters, file notes, checking typos in reports and newsletters or entering client data into templates, etc? 

We understand that there is ever-increasing pressure during the limited hours in the day to get everything done. To meet this requirement, in 2007 we  launched a service to professionally undertake these time-consuming administrative file notes for you. We can even transpose the file notes into your templates.


How the service works for meeting minutes and file notes

You dictate the notes from any phone and then hang up. We type, proofread and return them by email. It’s very straightforward and saves hours – hours that would be far more productively invested in client engagement and revenue-driving activity

IFA file notes are date and time-stamped, so they can be used as evidence, should the need arise, to protect you. For instance, they can serve as contemporaneous file notes, so as close as you can get to actually recording a live meeting.

Here is a little more detail about us because it’s nice to know your outsourced in-house team.


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Quotes from a couple of our clients

“The service has enabled me, and the other director of Oakhouse Financial Services, to maximise our time in doing file notes, doing internal memos and also being able to send emails out. It’s been invaluable in growing our business, and you guys always deliver the notes on time. So thank you very much.” Robin Bates, Oakhouse Financial Services

“VoiceNotes saved me the 3-4 hours a week that I used to spend writing up client meetings and calls. Thoroughly recommend them.” Alex Popplewell, ex-MD BlackRock/MD Hiddensee Financial

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Our service is in Adviser LifeTalk – helping busy financial planners, advisers and IFAs

VoiceNotes enables you to dictate meeting notes, IFA file notes, minutes, reports, client updates, etc, which are typed, proofread and emailed back to you and your support/CRM if required.  Our bespoke technology delivers your information via the highest security means possible. Our expert UK-based team process your documents with accuracy and intelligence. As a result, it not only frees up your time, but you’ll also meet MiFID II regulations, which stipulate that all client meetings need to be documented.


Costs for our IFA file note dictation and transcription service

VoiceNotes has a fixed-fee pricing structure to accommodate all your client notes and dictations needed.


Why don’t you try our service to see the benefits for yourself. For FREE! / 0207 117 0066.



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