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Transcribing Zoom meetings – the new world.


Hear all about VoiceNotes  in a podcast interview courtesy of Delivered Social, who invited us to join them to talk about our journey, future plans involving SEO and pivoting our business during COVID-19 including transcribing zoom meetings, and the exciting challenges ahead.

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How to use VoiceNotes for transcription of your Zoom call

For a transcript of a Zoom or other online conferencing call, you can upload the audio file to us securely; we will then diligently transcribe and proofread the transcription.

As the transcription of virtual meetings is exactly the same process as transcribing pre-recorded conference calls (i.e. uploading a multi-voice audio file) which we had been doing for years, we were able to transition to accommodating Zoom calls particularly smoothly.


How much does it cost?

You usually pay £ per audio minute for the transcription. It can take 5-10 times the audio length to transcribe, but worth it as it provides a transcript that can be used later for legal or regulatory purposes if necessary. 


If you don’t need the whole call transcribing, dictate the meeting minutes to be transcribed is quicker and costs less

Clients who were not doing face-to-face meetings had to get to grips with virtual/online meetings pretty quickly, and so did we! So although it was a virtual not face-to-face meeting, there was still a need to dictate notes afterwards to remember what was said, and the next steps generated from the meeting.

The process remained the same: You dictate the notes from any phone and then hang up. We type, proofread and return them by email. 

Notes are date and time-stamped, so they can be used as evidence, should the need arise, to protect you. They can serve as contemporaneous file notes, so as close as you can get to actually recording a live meeting.

At VoiceNotes you can have a full-time audio transcriptionist, proofreader and copy-editor from £162 + VAT a month!


***Get in touch to discuss your transcription – we are secure and accurate, treating all work in confidence***


When we then received requests to transcribe the actual meetings from Zoom/Teams/other virtual meeting note providers, we pivoted and delivered

“When you want to recap what happened at a certain point in a meeting, it’s much easier to scan through a transcript versus listening and fast forwarding/rewinding an audio file. During COVID, some meetings – especially if they involve employees and future employment – might need a transcript for legal purposes. Others use a transcript to save time – whatever the requirement, our clients need ‘accurate’ and ‘fast’ transcripts, and that what we are now delivering! Kirstie White, Founder.

And so, ‘transcribing Zoom meetings‘ was officially launched! 


Tips on how to capture minutes from online meetings and web conferences more effectively

Of paramount importance is organisation. If you are holding an online/virtual meeting with two or more people, make sure you have a clear agenda and leader. This might sound obvious and something one should exercise in any meeting, but the inability to bounce off body language in a virtual setting means it is that much easier to lose cohesion and flow.

If you’re speaking to a client who perhaps isn’t used to technology, put them at ease – be patient with them. If you’re in a group session discussing various topics, ensure the correct attendees/specialists on said topics are invited to the meeting. Ensure every meeting has a clear, defined conclusion and follow-up, as again, a non-face-to-face environment could be the enemy of clarity when it comes to ‘what happens next’ if this isn’t accounted for.

Finally, as you would after every meeting, complete minutes. If capturing minutes from online meetings is something that is an additional time drain, then outsourcing the transcription of Zoom calls to a confidential dictation and transcription service is time-efficient.


What are the common mistakes people make using online meetings?

In our experience of working with lengthy transcripts, particularly when your sole focus is the voices coming through, we find that often, a poor set-up leads to some attendees not being heard clearly, be that due to the quality of the recording device or their location and background noise. Speakers talking over one another is another hindrance when capturing what is being said. In a virtual environment, saying, ‘Sorry, I didn’t hear so and so’ isn’t as easy as in a physical setting, which further contributes to loss of cohesion.

Finally, another common mistake is neglecting to write up or capture meeting notes and minutes from online meetings, believing that a ‘recording’ of the meeting, audio or visual, is enough. A formal overview or a transcript is required to adhere to mandatory compliance requirements.


What is different about a transcript from VoiceNotes versus another transcription service?

We don’t believe one audio transcriptionist can deliver accurate transcripts with zero errors. With our service your audio file is first transcribed, then proofread by another UK-based expert in our team. Accurate transcripts are essential in business: the omission of the word ‘no’ or mishear of ‘free’ and ‘three’ can change the entire meaning of the sentence. Transcribing Zoom meetings is no different from transcribing a board meeting or meeting with legal/HR consequences, so you need two or more experts to deliver your transcript.


Re-launching of the proofreading and copy-editing service

As an addition to audio transcription, the VoiceNotes team are also experts in proofreading or copy-editing written documents, websites, client letters, templates, CVs, T&Cs etc, so we relaunched this service alongside the audio transcription service.

Because we are a permanent group of employees and don’t need to outsource, our charges are much more reasonable than most freelancers and we are available to help immediately if resources allow. 


If you need our help transcribing Zoom meetings and calls, please get in touch: info@voicenotes.co.uk / 0207 117 0066.


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