Our digital dictation and transcription service is as fast and as accurate as having your own PA


Use any phone to dictate any information 24/7. We will deliver accurate transcripts, fast.


  • Start immediately – meaning no set-up or log-ins necessary.
  • Use any phone to dial into our dedicated lines to dictate.
  • Dictate any time – 24/7.
  • Fast turnaround times – for instance, you can choose to receive your completed transcripts within the hour, same day or next day.
  • Dedicated team to work on your transcriptions – no freelancers, all permanent employees.
  • Accuracy guaranteed  – every dictation first being transcribed, then proofread by a second person.
  • Eliminates the costs and admin of hiring full-time employees.

You can trust VoiceNotes because:

  • Security and confidentiality is assured with VoiceNotes’ digital dictation service with our GDPR and ISO 27001-compliant procedures.
  • Accuracy is editorial-grade. We transcribe meeting notes then proofread each one – every time.
  • Client service is a key strength as we communicate on a professional level, handling any deadlines and client-specific requirements with confidence.
  • Our client list confirms our credibility – click to see who already uses our service.

What makes us different:

  • Our full-time transcription team have been working together for many years, and that synergy ensures the consistent, flexible and efficient accommodation of client requirements and delivery of the most insightful and efficient service possible.
  • The VoiceNotes proofreading and copy-editing team is wholly comprised of honours graduates holding 1st class qualifications in English/Modern Language-related and teaching disciplines.
  • The VoiceNotes transcription team are the best in class with decades of experience, having been legal secretaries, insurance transcriptionists and wealth manager transcription team leaders.


“We are not freelance, we choose to work full time for VoiceNotes. It’s not a vocation, but a career. We love what we do. Our clients consider working with us as akin to having an in-house team at their disposal.”

Digital Dictation Service

“I find VoiceNotes really useful and time-saving for writing up client documentation.”
Curved Line Drawing
Rathbones use VoiceNotes for their meeting notes to be efficient
VoiceNotes Financial Transcription

Phil Millo, Magpar LLP

“In the case of Financial Services (FCA), it provides me with a secure audit trail. I can dictate meeting notes and actions in seconds. They transcribe meeting notes very accurately so no rework is necessary. VoiceNotes’ digital dictation service saves so much time.”
client meeting notes for advisors
“The service has enabled me, and the other director of Oakhouse Financial Services, to maximise our time in doing file notes, doing internal memos and also being able to send emails out. It’s been invaluable in growing our business and you guys always deliver the notes on time. So thank you very much.”
voicenotes dictation service
OakHouse Use VoiceNotes Financial Transcription

Robin Bates, Oakhouse Financial Services

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