VoiceNotes Ltd – secure dictation, data-protected audio transcription and accurate proofreading

VoiceNotes Ltd delivers accurate transcripts, every time

With VoiceNotes, each audio file is first transcribed, then proofread (i.e. a two-person process) by our editorial-grade, UK-based team of efficient and highly skilled transcriptionists and proofreaders.


VoiceNotes offers:


Discretion and confidentiality is assured

Confidentiality is guaranteed through ISO 27001 certification to protect your data. We have a full-time, CRB and security-checked team at VoiceNotes Ltd.


VoiceNotes was established in 2007 to meet the needs of the finance sector in providing accurate transcriptions of client meeting notes. Following our success in this sector, we applied the same confidential transcription standards and quality in serving all industries and discerning clients who demand the best.


“Our service feels like an in-house transcription team. If you can obtain superior quality, and confidentiality, from a trusted and reliable outsourced supplier, why commit to the expense of employing a typist or transcription team in-house or trust a company that hires different freelancers to work on your transcripts every time?”.

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