What We Do

In order to provide your business with an error-free transcript of all your meetings and calls, for your own recall, good governance and compliance, VoiceNotes specialises in the following:


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Meeting Notes. Use any phone to dictate meeting notes after virtual and face-to-face meetings to receive a perfect transcript back by email, fast.


Transcriptions. We transcribe audiofiles (single or multi-voice) of calls, interviews, meetings and all other business interactions requiring a documented record. Now transcribing hundreds of web conferencing and virtual meetings!


Proofreading. Our specialist UK-based team can proofread, copy-edit or completely re-draft your pre-written documentation, including brochures, websites, marketing material and press releases, to ensure grammatically perfect, coherent and engaging written copy.


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Our Unique Dictation Service

If you dictate meeting notes, letters, memos, reports, emails etc. for the VoiceNotes team to transcribe, you will save hours and have the reassurance there will be no typos in your communication.


Slide the bar to enter the number of times you normally write down/type up a report, client letter etc. per week.


Then see how many hours per month you could save if you dictated instead.


VoiceNotes has processed millions of dictations – transcribing them, transposing them onto templates, clients’ letterheads and CRM systems. We offer tailored, dictation solutions to meet your requirements.

How Our Meeting Note Service Works


We provide a number to dial

It’s a local, secured line. Can be dialled from any phone.


You dial in & dictate your notes

Call to dictate meeting notes anytime.


Transcriptions are emailed to you

Word-perfect notes are sent from our secure system.

For pre-recorded (multi-voice) transcriptions and pre-written documentation for proofreading, we can provide a secure upload facility or can use your preferred method to transfer files.

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Spend time increasing revenues with clients, not on admin.

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Increase productivity by capturing critical information.

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Present word-perfect emails, documents and templates.

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CRM Value

Dictate meeting notes that can be integrated into CRM systems.

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A record for your own protection & compliance – MiFID II/SM&CR etc.

“VoiceNotes consistently return work in well within their advertised time and to a high degree of accuracy. The quality and reliability of the service make it a pleasure to use.”

Charlie Connell, Connell Ventures

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We provide the best customer service and the highest level of accuracy for all your dictation, transcription, meeting notes and proofreading needs, backed by a stringent and certified data protection protocol.