A New Medical Transcription Service That Works


Why your medical transcription service fails to deliver fast and accurate patient notes, letters and documents


Many healthcare professionals spend hours dictating letters and memos to save time but are often let down by a substandard medical transcription service. They either end up transcribing or correcting their own notes, hiring an in-office medical secretary to help, or outsourcing to an unreliable supplier – and still find that sometimes the records are taking too long to come back.    

Do you need a reliable medical transcription service?

If yes, then try a dictation and transcription service that allows you to use any phone to dictate your client letter/memo/message/email 24/7. One that will transcribe and email transcripts back to you – word-perfect and fast – so you can send it straight on to patients, clients, colleagues, etc, with no typos. 

Is your current medical transcription provider fast enough?

Sometimes outsourcing doesn’t meet the fast turnarounds and deadlines you need. Or you may want one letter processed ‘now’, which often means many calls and/or emails to the outsourcing company. With VoiceNotes, just email or speak to Marian or one of the team and we can prioritise your transcription, usually working on it straight away. 

We provide immediate cover when your medical secretary is on holiday/sick

Because you never know when your staff are going to be sick, we can act as a back-up so letters/patient notes are not waiting to be sent out.

We can step in when medical secretaries go on holidays too.

Use any phone to dictate your client letter/memo/message/email 24/7. We will transcribe and email it back to you – word-perfect and fast – so you can send it straight on to patients, clients, colleagues, etc, with no typos. 

Does your current transcriptions company deliver accurate medical transcripts?

  • Our accuracy is editorial-grade. Firstly, we transcribe meeting notes. After that, we proofread each one. As a result, human errors or mishears are minimised.
  • No client or patient wants to see typos in their appointment and follow-up letters.


VoiceNotes’ medical transcription services – rates

From £162 + VAT per person per month (guaranteed same-day or next-day delivery depending on which turnaround is needed). 

GDPR and data protection should be a given from companies providing a medical transcription service

You can trust VoiceNotes because security and confidentiality is assured with our GDPR/ISO 27001-compliant procedures.


You need to be able to pick up the phone or email with urgent requests or formatting requests

Just like medical professionals provide their very best client care, client service is paramount when we provide our medical transcription service.

Client service is a key strength. We communicate on a professional level, handling any deadlines and client-specific requirements with confidence.


The FREE ‘extras’ we give you alongside our medical transcription service

Sometimes we are asked to proofread an article which is pre-written versus audio file. For instance, when proofreading pre-written work, we can often check for grammar and typos immediately and FOR FREE. We know sometimes there isn’t time to spellcheck or have someone in the department on hand to look over a poster or print-out that you’d really like to display without typos or grammar errors. We are happy to cast an expert eye over these for you. It doesn’t fall under the ‘medical transcription service’ core service, but we are a helpful team wanting to offer free service where we can.

Benefits of our medical dictation and transcription service:

  • Start immediately – no set-up required.
  • No new technology needed – use any phone to dial into our dedicated lines to dictate.
  • Dictate any time – leave your audio file 24/7.
  • Fast turnaround times – you can choose to receive your completed transcripts within the hour, same day or next day.
  • Dedicated team to work on your transcriptions – no freelancers, all permanent employees.
  • Accuracy guaranteed every dictation is first transcribed, then proofread by a second person.

What makes our company unique to provide you with everything you need for a perfect medical transcription service:

  • Our full-time team have been working together for many years. That synergy ensures the consistent, flexible and efficient accommodation of client requirements.
  • Our VoiceNotes transcription team are the best in class, with decades of experience. Previous roles include medical secretaries, business typists and transcription team leaders.
  • The VoiceNotes proofreading and copy-editing team is wholly comprised of honours graduates holding 1st class qualifications in English/Modern Language-related and teaching disciplines.
“We are a small and capable team of business leaders, typists, secretaries, transcriptionists and proofreaders. We all love and excel in what we do. As a result, our clients consider working with us as akin to having an in-house team because we know you and you know us.” Kirstie White, Founder of VoiceNotes Ltd.


For a little more detail about us, click here, because it’s nice to know your outsourced team like an ‘in-house’ one.



Please get in touch with any questions or to start your FREE trial – info@voicenotes.co.uk / 0207 117 0066.


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