Meeting Notes and Call Reports


Use any phone to dictate meeting notes after virtual and face-to-face meetings to receive a perfect transcript back by email, fast.


  • Optimise sales efficiency by having critical information captured and follow-up actions for front and back office set instantly, shortening the sales life cycle
  • Increase productivity and save time by eliminating time spent writing up meeting notes and eradicating inefficiencies of handwritten or incomplete notes
  • Improve client confidence through having detailed notes, regardless of whether the account changes hands
  • Meet CRM targets as information can easily be entered onto CRM systems
  • Meet legal and compliance needs for audit trail and record keeping requirements (MiFID II/RDR/TCF/SM&CR/Fact-Finds)
  • Present word-perfect emails, documents and templates ready for internal and client-facing distribution

You can trust VoiceNotes because:

  • Security and confidentiality is assured from our GDPR and ISO 27001 processes and procedures – click to see who already uses us for proof.
  • Accuracy is editorial-grade.
  • Client service is a key strength as we communicate on a professional level handling any deadlines and client-specific requirements with confidence.
“I find VoiceNotes really useful and time-saving for writing up client documentation.”
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“I can now record my meeting notes as soon as I have left a meeting with a phone call, and when they are fresh in my mind. Often by the time I am back in the office my notes are typed and ready for any processing or actions. My PA used to spend valuable time typing these, and our process is now quicker. I also value the security procedures in place which are comprehensive”
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Jason Green, Director, Green Rose Financial Services

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Alex Popplewell, MD, BlackRock

“VoiceNotes saved me the 3-4 hours a week that I used to spend writing up client meetings and calls – thoroughly recommend them.”
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“The service has enabled me, and the other director of Oakhouse Financial Services, to maximise our time in doing file notes, doing internal memos and also being able to send emails out. It’s been invaluable in growing our business and you guys always deliver the notes on time. So thank you very much.”
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Robin Bates, Oakhouse Financial Services

Meeting Notes

Phil Millo, Magpar LLP

“In the case of Financial Services (FCA), it provides me with a secure audit trail.”
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For more information, please contact us on / 0207 117 0066 or get in touch, and we’d be delighted to answer any questions.