Meeting Transcription


Send a good quality audio file or use any phone to dictate meeting notes and information you need to capture. We transcribe meetings quickly so you can receive perfect transcripts back by email, fast.

Benefits of meeting transcription

  • Optimise sales efficiency by having critical information captured and follow-up actions for front and back office set instantly, shortening the sales life cycle
  • Meeting Transcription Services will increase productivity. It will also save time by eliminating time spent writing up meeting notes and eradicating inefficiencies of handwritten or incomplete notes
  • VoiceNotes‘ dictation service captures meeting notes and useful information quickly using any phone 24/7
  • Improve client confidence through having detailed notes, regardless of whether the account changes hands
  • Meet CRM targets as information can also be transposed onto your CRM system
  • You can present word-perfect transcripts ready for internal and/or client-facing distribution
  • Meet legal and compliance needs for the necessary record keeping requirements
  • Meeting notes are now simple to complete and cost effective
  • The better the quality of the audio file the better the transcription. During a meeting, you can record at source, conference call facility, using an quality app or your own dictation software.

You can trust VoiceNotes for your meeting transcription because:

  • Security and confidentiality is assured with VoiceNotes’ meeting transcription service using GDPR and ISO 27001 processes and procedures.
  • Accuracy is editorial-grade. We transcribe meeting notes then proofread each one – every time.
  • Client service is a key strength as we communicate on a professional level handling any deadlines and client-specific requirements with confidence.
  • Our client list confirms our credibility – click to see who already uses our service.
VoiceNotes Financial Transcription

Phil Millo, Magpar LLP

“In the case of Financial Services (FCA), it provides me with a secure audit trail. I can dictate meeting notes and actions in seconds. They transcribe meeting notes very accurately so no rework is necessary. VoiceNotes’ dictation service saves so much time.”
client meeting notes for advisors

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