About Us

We are an eclectic mix of UK-based investors, entrepreneurs, management professionals, audio-transcriptionists and proofreaders who all share the love of beautifully written, grammatically-perfect work.


In 2006, two investors came up with the ‘call reporting’ idea. Embarrassed by the little amount of detail they could recollect from client meetings, they wanted to dictate their notes and receive a transcript back for their own recall. Since 2006, with transparency, compliance and CRM coming into the frame, documenting client meetings and calls isn’t just a luxury: it is necessary.


With voice-to-text transcription services failing to provide the security or accuracy required for financial regulations to dictate/transcribe meetings, the company remains “the best in the industry”, and has now expanded to incorporate the core call reporting/meeting note service to multi-voice audio transcriptions and pre-written documentation and website proofreading.


The value we offer is incredible: A full-time transcription/proofreading/copy editing team at your disposal to expertly and speedily process and return your documentation, Mon-Fri* (dictations can be called in 24/7, 365 days a year), from only £162 per person/month? Too good to be true? Indeed not – this is precisely what a subscription to the VoiceNotes service represents.

Marian Shepherd, Director of Operations and Client Services


“In business, the efficient capture of ideas and information and the clear, well-presented expression of that information to colleagues are crucial. It is always so rewarding to hear from our clients how VoiceNotes enhances the quality of their communication. I manage our client relationships, and the VoiceNotes team – yes, a busy day job!”

Sarah Wildblood, Marketing Manager and Proofreader


“I have been proofreading for many years – it’s a hobby as well as a career – and I love it. I joined VoiceNotes in 2014. During that time, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside experts in transcription and proofreading, learning from them and building upon my experience in the field. In 2019, I took an interest in the social marketing side of the business and am now trained in, and manage, this side of the business, building our digital presence through our social media platforms, as well as encouraging clients to trial and use our service.”

Ben Wilder, Co-founder & MD


“I love running VoiceNotes – from generating sales to keeping the technology ever-evolving as we are consistently looking to increase security and protect client information with our transcription services. We are very proud of our intelligent technology workflow behind the scenes. You guessed it, I’m from the IT world, but pretty personable so I’m told…”

Kirstie White, Co-founder


“I’ve helped build and launch brands for leading FMCG and oil companies, then started my own innovations consultancy and pioneered an ethical way to sell homes in London. I launched VoiceNotes in 2006 and ran it full time for 10 years, I absolutely love it – the staff and the service equally – it’s a great company delivering the best transcription service in the world. In 2015, we expanded the business from our current audio transcription services to offer a proofreading and copy-editing service so clients can depend on error-free text in websites, copy, content, T&Cs, business templates and internal and client communications.”

Phil Millo, Director


“You got it, it was me who originally came up with the idea with a colleague, but I then had to recruit an entrepreneur /MD (Kirstie) and and IT specialist (Ben) to actually make it happen. Luckily we landed the right team to offer the best audio transcription services in the world!”

Zac Barratt, Director


“The Summit Group invested in VoiceNotes, as we felt it was a straightforward idea that everyone would like – and need! We weren’t wrong: the company is growing significantly taking on world leading banks and asset managers in its stride.”

Our Audio Transcription Team – Speed Typists


“We hope and strive to be the fastest typists in town. Typing up notes at lightning speeds before passing them over for proofreading. Constantly learning financial funds, terms and acronyms to transcribe notes as accurately as we can.”

Our Proofreading Team – Perfectionists


“We pride ourselves on not letting one word or name go out unchecked. Trained to editorial grade standards with an impressive range of academic qualifications between us, we absolutely love the challenge of producing work to exacting standards.”

For more information about our dictation and audio transcription services, please contact us on info@voicenotes.co.uk / 0207 117 0066 or get in touch, and we’d be delighted to answer any questions.