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About Us

Ben Wilder Co-founder & MD
“The technology behind VoiceNotes is bespoke and ever-evolving as we are consistently looking to increase security and protect client information. We are very proud of our intelligent technology workflow behind the scenes. I love running VoiceNotes.”
Marian ShepherdDirector of Operations and Client Services
“In business, the efficient capture of ideas and information and the subsequent clear, well-presented expression of that information to colleagues are crucial. It is always so rewarding to hear from our clients how VoiceNotes actively enhances the quality of their communication.”
Kirstie WhiteCo-founder & CEO
“I’ve helped build brands for leading FMCG companies (Procter & Gamble/Shell) for over a decade before I started to fund and launch my own businesses. VoiceNotes delivers the best service in the world and keeps ahead of the market – that’s enough to keep me focused and motivated.”
Phil MiloDirector
“We originally came up with the idea when we were out on client meetings, and although I could remember some things when my colleagues asked me for an update, it was embarrassing the little amount of detail I could recollect. VoiceNotes was one of those ‘blindingly obvious ideas’ that I knew would appeal to my financial peers.”
Zac BarrattDirector
“The Summit Group invested in VoiceNotes, as we felt it was a straightforward idea that everyone would like – and need! We weren’t wrong: the company is growing significantly taking on world leading banks and asset managers in its stride.”
Our Transcription TeamSpeed Merchants
“The transcription team are renowned for being the fastest typists in town. Consistently striving to convert sound to text in the most accurate way they can at lightening speeds.”
Our Proofreading TeamPerfectionists
“We pride ourselves on not letting one word or name go out unchecked. Trained to editorial grade standards with an impressive range of academic qualifications between us, we absolutely love the challenge of producing work to exacting standards.”