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Transcription for Human Resources has increased in importance as protecting the wellbeing of a company’s employees is paramount.


Human Resources is comprised of many moving and often constantly changing parts. The ‘yang’ to this enginery ‘yin’ is the constant, permanent presence of records and notes – vital information required for legal, ethical and reference purposes within this area of a business – but are these all being captured efficiently in a world of virtual meetings and working from home (in some cases with home schooling or other care added to the day job)? All companies have a duty to uphold these practices as a fundamental part of day-to-day Human Resources operations. 

How are new technologies like dictation and intelligent transcription services helping Human Resources departments?

The provision of quality, comprehensive and professionally proofed records is key to documenting Human Resources calls and meetings – whether face to face or in the new virtual world – but carried out correctly, this take a great deal of time. Nonetheless, it’s an incredibly important part of the provision of evidence for any future legal or compliance needs after the event. Documents and records like this, if needed, may be called on months or even years later, so ensuring you have a rigorous and effective process in place for capturing them is key.

Some examples of specific documents HR departments use a transcription service for are, but are not limited to: performance reviews (verbatim or retrospective) and KPI developments; typing up of new or proofreading of existing contract templates; on and off-boarding documentation; and any sensitive communications that you may prefer to outsource for safe, secure transcription to avoid doing in-house.

Human Resources transcription services and COVID-19

The exceptional circumstances that businesses find themselves adapting to this year call for increased diligence when it comes to documenting any meetings, conversations and/or events that affect day-to-day operations. This is likely to be the case for some time to come, and we would envisage that in a post-COVID world, this may be one of the many aspects of operations within a company that may change irrevocably. With virtual meetings very much being considered ‘normal’ now, despite the resumption of responsible, socially distanced face-to-face meetings, there is a new dynamic to communication between employers and employees, as well as employees and clients, especially with uncertainty reigning so prominently over when and how business operations will return to anything like their pre-COVID status. The health and welfare of workers is paramount; if your business is lucky enough to still be operating during these testing times, employers have a duty of care to their employees, leading to an increased need to conduct meetings in-house and hence more recording of outcomes and any next steps.

The requirement for quality data and records within a business is, if possible, even more important now as we navigate this storm and, indeed, will be in the months and years ahead when we reflect on, and learn from, our actions during this time, which will prove invaluable as we inevitably focus more time and resource on preparing for extreme events such as COVID-19. A Human Resources audio transcription service will enable all discussions to have an accurate transcript and all allow pertinent employee-related information to be documented indefinitely and concisely. 

How much time does it take to set up a Human Resources transcription service?

Whether uploading files or using a secure dictation tool, it doesn’t take long. Time should be taken on due diligence when researching an appropriate service provider to make sure the operations and confidentiality of said service provider match your own ethics and requirements.

Established and up-to-date transcription companies have their own smart systems, including VoiceNotes, enabling you to dictate a summary of a meeting using your phone to a secure system, where it is typed and proofread by a human proofreading team, and then emailed back to you. At VoiceNotes, your dictation passes through no fewer than two professionals – a typist and an editorial-grade proofreader – to ensure accuracy. This is call reporting, or as we would like to call it, our ‘Human Resources transcription service’.

You can also upload or send in audio files to the same secure system – this could be a recorded phone call or videoconference call, etc. VoiceNotes’ Human Resources transcription team is very flexible in meeting its clients’ needs.

How long does it take to turn around meeting notes?

It depends on the expertise of the service and how they are set up. Some are experts in call reporting and deliver notes back before you’ve made your next cup of coffee! Generally, longer turnaround times – 48 hours or two business days – are common. We appreciate that sometimes a Human Resources department may need meeting notes and transcripts back ASAP, and we launched our transcription service for Human Resources to meet these specific deadlines and do everything we can to help.

What to look for when choosing a transcription company

First and foremost, a proven track record of supplying top-quality logs and evidence, transcripts and other written documents to highly professional clients in the safest and most secure way possible. We at VoiceNotes understand that Human Resources is a multi-faceted and changing environment in any business, but its fundamental purpose of ensuring continuity of operations and functionality will always remain; transparency and clarity through record-keeping will always be needed to facilitate this, and a go-to transcription company could be the perfect complement.

Also, check a company’s client base to see the credibility of firms willing to be listed as clients – for our client list, please click here.

How safe is outsourcing data to transcription companies?

If fully ISO 27001 compliant, they should operate to the strictest of security standards. Systems should be VPN, password and two-factor authentication protected. Companies that faithfully operate to ISO 27001 standards are as secure as it’s possible to be, and if you are looking to outsource sensitive and highly confidential data, you can do so with the utmost confidence. As a transcription company is responsible for sensitive client data day in, day out, private and confidential information, legal information/evidence and material of a sensitive nature pertaining to employees or employee/client disputes, etc should always be held in the strictest confidence.

Author: Sarah Wildblood – Marketing Manager & Proofreader for VoiceNotes Ltd – a secure and accurate (human) transcription company specialising in meeting notes from face-to-face and virtual/online meetings plus transcription of audio files for legal and compliance record-keeping purposes.

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