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Thank you to all our clients who sing our praises. We hope to have saved you thousands of hours writing up meeting notes and reports.

References can be provided from the following departments: Retail Distribution; Wealth Management; Strategic Alliance; Broker Sales; UK & International Sales; Institutional Marketing and Sales; Business Development and Regional Sales Teams.

“I can now record my meeting notes as soon as I have left a meeting with a phone call, and when they are fresh in my mind. Often by the time I am back in the office my notes are typed and ready for any processing or actions. My PA used to spend valuable time typing these, and our process is now quicker.  I also value the security procedures in place which are comprehensive”.Jason Green, Director, Green Rose Financial Services

“VoiceNotes saved me the 3-4 hours a week that I used to spend writing up client meetings and calls – thoroughly recommend them.” Alex Popplewell, MD, BlackRock

“The service has enabled me, and the other director of Oakhouse Financial Services, to maximise our time in doing file notes, doing internal memos and also being able to send emails out. It’s been invaluable in growing our business and you guys always deliver the notes on time. So thank you very much.”  Robin Bates, Oakhouse Financial Services

“In the case of Financial Services (FCA), it provides me with a secure audit trail.” Phil Millo, Magpar LLP

“After I meet a client I call in a summary so I can remember all the details for the next time I see them. Perfect.” Nick Tsiougos, MD, Stonelink International

“VoiceNotes consistently return work in well within their advertised time and to a high degree of accuracy. The quality and reliability of the service make it a pleasure to use.” Charlie Connell, Connell Ventures

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