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What are the best dictation services for financial advisers?



Many financial advisers or investment managers write up their own notes, use an app like Otter ai or have in-house support, but what are the best dictation services for financial advisers? Where do they look for the accuracy and security they need for their client notes? They look to VoiceNotes.

If just an audio file is needed, not transcription, then there are secure apps out there that are only a few pounds. However, the value our financial advisers find in having a transcript is definitely worth paying a little extra for! A transcript is easy to read to recall a conversation or meeting with a client, plus, meets record-keeping compliance needs.


How to use a reliable dictation service for financial advisers

Use any phone to dictate your client letter/memo/message/email, 24/7. We will transcribe and email it back to you – word perfect and fast – so you can send it straight on to clients, colleagues etc, with no typos.

Does your current dictation service also offer accurate transcription with a fast turnaround?

Sometimes, outsourcing doesn’t meet the fast turnaround-times and deadlines you need. Or if you want one letter processed ‘now’, or the file note written up immediately, it often involves many calls and/or emails to chase up the outsourcing company. With VoiceNotes, just email or call us, speak to Marian or one of the team, and we can prioritise the transcription, usually working on it straight away.

We are a back-up resource to your in-house ‘typing pools’

Because you never know when your staff are going to be sick, we can act as a back-up so documents aren’t delayed in being recorded and sent out.

We can step in when you team are on holiday too.

Does your current transcription company deliver accurate financial transcripts?

  • Our accuracy is editorial grade. Firstly, we transcribe meeting notes. After that, we proofread each one. As a result, human errors or mishears are minimised.
  • No client wants to see typos in their follow-up letters.


Testimonials from our clients using our dictation service for financial advisers – here’s our latest from an award-winning asset manager in Edinburgh …

“I originally used the VoiceNotes product many years ago when working for a large multi-national organisation, and I was impressed by the speed and quality of transcripts.

The VoiceNotes team stayed in touch when I moved to a new employer and took the time to understand the needs of the new business.  Although we didn’t have opportunity to use the VoiceNotes service straight away, the team stayed in touch and highlighted some flexible working arrangements that we gradually introduced into the business.  

The service we require from the VoiceNotes team is now more complex than a transcript service, and I’ve again been impressed by the team’s ability to adapt to our requirements and provide the same high-quality service I previously experienced.”

VoiceNotes’ dictation services for financial advisers don’t cost the earth

From £162 + VAT per person per month (same day or next-day turnaround).

GDPR and data protection is necessary for any company offering dictation services for financial advisers

Our dictation service for financial advisers is secure and compliant.

You can trust VoiceNotes financial transcription because security and confidentiality is assured with our GDPR and ISO 27001-compliant procedures.


You need to be able to pick up the phone or email with urgent requests or formatting requests

Client service is paramount when we provide our dictation and transcription services.

Client service is a key strength as we communicate on a professional level, handling any deadlines and client-specific requirements with confidence.


Proofreading pre-written documents/emails is available – for free

If it’s just a quick memo or grammar check, we often can do this for current clients immediately and FOR FREE. Sometimes there isn’t time to spellcheck or have someone on hand to look over an email or client letter. We are on hand and happy to cast an expert eye over these for you. Being a helpful team, we want to offer free services using our skillset wherever we can.

Benefits of our dictation service for financial advisers:

  • Start immediately – no set-up required.
  • No new technology needed – use any phone to dial in to our dedicated lines to dictate.
  • Dictate any time – 24/7 and leave your audio file.
  • Fast turnaround times – transcripts can be worked on within minutes of receiving the audio file.
  • Dedicated team to work on your transcriptions, so no freelancers, all permanent employees.
  • Accuracy guaranteed  – every dictation first being transcribed, then proofread by a second person.


If you have long documents that need proofreading, our charges are as follows:

Proofreading prices are from £12 + VAT per 1,000 words / Proofreading and Copy-Editing: from £15 + VAT per 1,000 words. When we proofread something, we correct spelling errors, grammatical errors and errant punctuation (and add it where it is missing) and establish structure (paragraphs, etc). Because of the care we take, your letters will look polished and professional.

If you want more than proofreading, you may like our copy-editing service. In short, copy-editing is the next level up from proofreading. There is a certain element of copy-editing going on in our day-to-day operations. This is because we check names and other facts mentioned by our clients for accuracy. In addition, we correct any faux pas that we are all prone to making in everyday speech.

When you enlist our copy-editing services, we will not only make your written work read beautifully, we will also make it professional. If this is what you require, we can re-word or even re-write parts of your work. This will ensure it is fluid and cohesive and there is consistency throughout in structure – paragraphs, formatting, etc.  for instance.

 What makes our dictation service for financial advisers different:

  • Our full-time team have been working together for many years. That synergy ensures the consistent, flexible and efficient accommodation of client requirements and delivery of the most insightful and efficient service possible.
  • The VoiceNotes transcription, proofreading and copy-editing team is wholly comprised of honours graduates holding 1st class qualifications in English/Modern Language-related and teaching disciplines.
  • The VoiceNotes transcription team are the best in class. We have decades of experience, having been wealth manager transcription team leaders and financial secretaries.


“We are a highly professional and hard-working team. As a result, our clients consider working with us as akin to having an in-house team working alongside them. We work with many financial advisers who love the service.” Kirstie White, Founder of VoiceNotes Ltd.


Here is a little more detail about us because it’s nice to know your outsourced in-house team.

Why don’t you try our service to see the benefits for yourself. For FREE! info@voicenotes.co.uk / 0207 117 0066.


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