First Impressions Count



VoiceNotes will ensure your marketing doesn’t let you down.


Picture a high street shop window where the goods on offer are damaged and randomly strewn around with no thought given to making them look appealing, or fading and gathering dust because the display has remained the same and has been neglected for months on end. Would you think ‘Now here’s a place where I’d like to do business’ and enter the premises to explore further? We’d take a bet on the answer to that being ‘doubtful’. At best. However, with every platform via which you present, in your own words, your organisation to the world – be that your company website, social media ad copy, brochures and other marketing literature, or email mail-outs – you are effectively, for better or for worse, setting out your own shop window for judgement – to entice or repel.

Typos, vocabulary misuse, poor punctuation and muddled content subliminally undermine any claims of quality or efficiency you or your organisation are making, and in terms of revenue, that MATTERS. Prospects may well, not unreasonably, assume that the lack of attention to detail that has resulted in poorly-worded or error-ridden copy will similarly characterise your approach to the delivery of your service, and you may never know how much potential business you have lost through those unfavourable judgements being made. A half-hearted or non-existent approach to perfecting your written copy is a gamble that anyone who is serious about positive promotion of their organisation would be unwise to take.

That is where we at VoiceNotes can step in to save the day. Our PR service (launched in 2015 to complement our core dial-in meeting note offering) will ensure your website, marketing materials and digital business communication consistently reflect the high quality of your business activity, instilling confidence among both prospects and current clients alike.

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