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UK-based online transcription jobs are much sought after, and the need for skilled remote transcriptionists and proofreaders has only increased since the pandemic. Here are some tips to what you need achieve to become a valuable transcriptionist. Transcription jobs UK-based.

The proof of the pudding …

Online transcription jobs, UK -based, will ask for typing tests so first and foremost, we would recommend you test both your copy-typing and audio-typing speeds to ensure they really do match any wpm claims you are making on your CV, as you will inevitably be tested an interview stage and it could avoid a red face if your ’95 wpm’ turns out to be closer to 40.

Try this typing test

Try this audio transcription test: https://gotranscript.com/practice-transcribing?test=1

But it’s not all about speed

In fact, accuracy is probably the most crucial factor when applying for online transcription jobs UK-based. We don’t believe one audio transcriptionist can be relied upon to deliver totally accurate transcripts with zero errors (nor have the time to research and check name-spellings, continuity errors by the speaker etc) so for that added ‘polish’ and assurance  of quality, with VoiceNotes’ two-step service, your audio file is first transcribed, then proofread by another UK-based expert in our team. Accurate transcripts are essential in business: the omission of the word ‘no’, homophone confusion of ‘compliment’ with ‘complement’ or mishear of ‘free’ and ‘three’ will change the entire meaning of the sentence and could have unfortunate consequences if not spotted by the recipient.

Try this proofreading test:  https://www.proofreadnow.com/blog/can-you-ace-this-basic-proofreading-quiz

Will you specialise in an industry sector?

If you have prior experience of working within, for example, the medical, legal or financial industries, it is true that the recruiter may well assume you already possess a good knowledge of sector-specific terminology, which could increase your ‘brownie points’ above those of other candidates. It would be understandable, then, if you felt it wise or safer to restrict your application campaign to your comfort-zone sector. However, if your skills are strong, no recruiter worth their salt would automatically discount an applicant from a different background if your experience suggests you are adaptable, have initiative and could be easily and effectively trained into a new arena – maybe even bring a refreshing new outlook to the table – and the opportunity of a new chapter could be rewarding and stimulating for you too, so don’t be put off from branching out. Indeed, this has guided our own approach to business and recruitment at VoiceNotes: our origins lie in specialist provision of transcription and proofreading services to the financial sector, but, not only have we worked very successfully with clients from variety of other market categories, we have also not restricted our recruitment to financial transcriptionists and editors – skills and talent come first! When they are present, requisite sector knowledge can soon be taught and assimilated.

Single voice versus multi-voice transcriptions

Multi-voice transcriptions will always present more of a challenge for the transcriptionist, and take considerably more time, due to having to discern one voice from another and recognise who is speaking (while filtering out the inevitable overtalk which makes even hearing WHAT is said, let alone by whom, a tricky exercise) in order to be able to accurately convey each person’s contribution to the dialogue. Online transcription jobs UK-based roles invariably involve multi-voice projects as much, if not more, than simpler, single-voice dictation

How long does it take to transcribe an hour of audio?

In general, it takes about 5-6 times the length of the audio file to transcribe and proofread. At VoiceNotes, we have at least two people working on a voicenote transcription for accuracy, but in most companies it’s all up to one person – you – to both transcribe and proofread. Online transcription jobs will not necessarily prove lucrative if you aren’t both fast AND accurate, once you take into consideration how many hours it will take you to transcribe – and proofread – the audio. So you need to be confident of your skills before taking on an audio transcription project. 

Will transcription jobs increase due to the increase in Zoom and other online meetings?

This is already proving to be the case. Despite some platforms such as Zoom promoting auto-transcription of meetings, those in business who require accurate, grammatically-correct and professionally-formatted capture of the discussion (and who do not have the time to waste in subsequent painstaking proof-reading, while cross-referencing against the audio, to amend the inevitable errors and ‘digital mishears’), quickly realised that what may have seemed to be the thriftier route inevitably represented a tangibly false economy, and allowing an expert provider to take the strain made both financial sense and ensured a more polished – and, critically, secure – result…….

Transcription security 

Business meetings and professional recordings often feature highly sensitive content, so ensuring the protection of client data is a crucial factor which should never be taken lightly by any transcription company in its service delivery. Security due diligence should extend from the delivery platform to the individuals in its employ – similarly, every individual should take personal responsibility towards adherence to security protocols, perhaps even more critical in the remote-working universe. VoiceNotes’ delivery platform is fully penetration-tested, and all employees are CRB checked, in addition to confidentiality contracts being signed, working on securely locked-down and encrypted company equipment, all of which has ensured our consistent ISO 27001 accreditation. 

Read the job spec

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how quickly you can get ahead of the competition when you actually take the time to read what the recruiting company is looking for.

To quote our Director of Operations & Client Services, Marian Shepherd “When I recruit, I always make a point of asking for a covering letter (and add that CVs without covering letters will not be considered). That subsequently helps fine-tune the selection process, as apart from giving me the chance to hear a little of the candidate’s ‘voice’ at an early stage, if a CV then arrives without the letter, you know the sender has either a) deliberately disregarded the request and can’t be bothered to make the effort – NOT our desired recruit, or b) they missed the request for the cover letter entirely – far from ideal when we’re looking for transcriptionists – and especially proofreaders – whose close attention to detail is crucial to the role!”

Our job specs 

We always provide specific detail of the roles for which we are recruiting in our job board advertisements – we feel it’s important (and fair!) for candidates to have a clearer idea of expectations and how they will be spending their day, rather than a vague ‘audio typist/proofreader required’, as it helps potential candidates to make a more informed decision over whether the role will be right for them and, in turn, helps increase the chance of our receiving applications from candidates who will be a good match for us.

As an example, below is our current job spec for an audio typist’s role, included in our posted recruitment ads:

The role includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fast and accurate audio transcription of voicenotes and other transcriptions received, both via the VoiceNotes administration system and other audio file formats, with a diligent focus on correct spelling and punctuation.
  • Developing, as an ongoing requirement, a broad knowledge of industry-appropriate terminology, names of key individuals and companies etc., to further increase accuracy of transcriptions.
  • Becoming fully conversant with the use of relevant internet sites and ‘tools’ (such as the FSA register) to increase sector knowledge as appropriate.
  • The senior transcriptionist is responsible for overseeing and training of new transcriptionists who may join the Company, ensuring they are fully aware of Company expectations of their performance in the transcription role.
  • Ensuring appropriate prioritising of notes for typing, e.g. that same day turnaround clients, or 24 hours clients nearing deadline, are being picked up before less urgent notes, both by themselves and other transcriptionists.
  • And wherever else you see a need and want to take the role…..!

While the job spec for audio proofreaders is as follows:

This role is more heavily weighted towards highly skilled proofreading, but does also require typing support for transcriptionists when needed, and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Audio proofreading of incoming ‘voicenotes’ and transcriptions called in and dictated by clients, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy are achieved and maintained (a keen ear for regional and international accents is a prerequisite in achieving this).
  • Demonstration of tenacity in making every effort to ensure any gaps in transcribed text are filled and that what was said is actually what has been typed, using context and web research, for example, to check name spellings of companies and individuals mentioned.
  • Demonstration of excellent grammar and punctuation skills (this will be tested at interview).
  • Fast, accurate typing to support full-time transcriptionists when required.
  • An aptitude for quickly assimilating skills in new IT systems.
  • A willingness to expand your role and take on more responsibilities over time.
  • And wherever else you see a need and want to take the role…..!

The ads for both roles always conclude with that all-important aforementioned request….!

If you are interested in joining us, we would love to hear from you. Please forward your CV, with a covering letter conveying why the position appeals to you and what you feel you would bring to the role. (Please note, the covering letter is essential for your application to be considered)

Are there any opportunities with VoiceNotes now?

At the moment we are at full capacity and not seeking new employees, but will update this page on our website when a new opportunity arises.

A professional team, ready to work on multi-voice transcriptions is key

The VoiceNotes team is comprised of a full-time, permanent group of employees; we don’t have a long list of freelancers. This is quite un usual for a transcription and proofreading agency, but we believe it’s the only way to ensure delivery of a consistent, high-quality service to our clients, and additionally enables thorough employee security vetting, training and ongoing performance development, while also enabling us to quickly become familiar with our clients, their specific requirements and business terminology – in effect, VoiceNotes becomes your ‘remote, in-house team’!


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