Our professional proofreading service will not let you down

Our professional proofreading service will not let you down


VoiceNotes’ professional proofreading service offers incredible accuracy and a quick turnaround from an experienced team of highly trained and experienced UK-based proofreaders.


Our professional proofreading service

In basic terms, a professional proofreading service will ensure a piece of writing is a really great piece of writing. At VoiceNotes Ltd, our editorial-grade, UK-based proofreaders are always on hand to help. When we proofread something, we correct spelling errors, grammatical errors and errant punctuation and establish a coherent structure. Before you even think about further amendments, re-workings or additions, which constitute copy-editing (more on that to come later in this article), a really good proof of any piece of work can raise its profile above the parapet and make you, the ‘owner’ of those written words, memorable in the right way.

Our proofreading service is proving very popular. We are not only accurate, but as we have a full-time team of proofreaders and do not outsource work to freelancers, we  guarantee the highest degree of quality and consistency, and can get started straight away Moreover, our ISO 27001 accreditation is your reassurance that your data will be handled in a professional manner and with highest possible level of security. Our employees also undergo strict vetting before working with us; the quality of our data protection protocol mirrors the quality of our work. Always. 

A testimonial from one of our happy clients about our professional proofreading service

“I wish we’d done this years ago. Over the moon with the service to date, and the speed is incredible. It’s saving me masses of time not having to (badly) proofread everything, and saving the design team time on making changes etc. It’s definitely notched us up in the service we offer to our clients.” Lee Shore, Merrehill Marketing 

Our professional proofreading team is very experienced

We employ a UK-based team of proofreaders and copy-editors who can guarantee there won’t be a typo or misspelling in your documents. 

Why choose us?

  • Accuracy guaranteed by UK editorial-grade proofreaders and copy-editors
  • Only our trained and experienced team will work on your project; we do not outsource
  • Excellent rates
  • Over fifteen years’ experience with FTSE 100 companies, SMEs and individuals
  • ISO 27001 accredited, ensuring data is kept confidential at all times


We welcome work from any sector. Typical projects include:

  • Press releases
  • Internal company announcements
  • Websites
  • Social media content and copy
  • AGMs
  • Conference calls
  • Marketing materials


Our copy-editing service

In short, copy-editing is the next level up from proofreading. (There is a certain element of copy-editing going on in our day-to-day proofreading operations, as we check names and other facts mentioned by our clients for accuracy, as well as correct any faux pas that we are all prone to making in everyday speech).

When you enlist our copy-editing services, we will not only make your written work read beautifully, we will also make it professional. If this is what you require, it’s important to understand that you are giving us permission to change, re-word or even re-write parts of your work to ensure:

  • It is fluid and cohesive.
  • Any factual errors are corrected.
  • In the case of any ESL pieces, that they are linguistically correct.
  • There is consistency throughout in structure – paragraphs, formatting, etc.


We are very happy to take a look at your document and discuss what you need and whether that would come under the proofreading service, or if we think it could benefit from proofreading and copy-editing. Feel free to discuss our proofreading rates with our UK-based team.

Our professional proofreading rates are very reasonable

To talk to us about your requirements, you can contact us on 0207 117 0066 for a no-obligation discussion and quote, or alternatively, drop us a line at info@voicenotes.co.uk. As a rough guide, our rates are from £12 + VAT per 1,000 words for proofreading, and from £15 + VAT per 1,000 words for proofreading and copy-editing.

Our proofreading rates in the UK are very competitive, as we have an excellent in-house team. Rates are the same regardless if we are UK-based or London-based proofreaders. Proofreading rates are per 1,000 words usually although we can quote a per hour fee.

What we include in Proofreading versus Copy-Editing


Proofreading rates per 1000 words 

Copy-Editing rates per 1000 words


From £12 + VAT

From £15 + VAT








Style and format




Which countries do we cover?

Originally, because we are London based, we were known as the proofreading service in London and were particularly popular among City-based companies. However, we now cater for clients across the UK and globally. We love having an international roster of client companies who call on us for our accuracy and unmatched customer service. We have cemented ourselves firmly as a go-to service for many, due to the fact that we don’t use speech-to-text or any form of AI as part of our operations. There are highly experienced eyes and ears behind every note, and it’s this, in this ever-evolving technological world, that paradoxically sets us apart from our peers in providing a top-quality service to our clients. We only employ UK-based-d proofreaders in line with our data protection policies. 

UK proofreading rates in the UK may not be subject to a VAT charge in some countries – well worth checking. Our base proofreading rate is the same whichever country you are from.

Here are our top tips for DIY proofreading from our London proofreaders

  1. Beware of ‘spellchecker illiteracy’: By all means, use spellcheckers and other free grammar applications as a first step, but exercise caution! Never just accept their changes as correct – they often aren’t. Spellcheckers are automated applications, so they don’t have the human insight and intelligence, nor appreciation of context, required to achieve perfection. In addition, if you do use spellcheckers (in English), ensure you check whether it is detecting US or Brit English.
  2. Lexical illusion: When reading, we often become ‘blind’ to mistakes, since the brain automatically anticipates what should be written and ‘corrects’ it.
  3. Read your work aloud: … as if you were performing it on stage. 
  4. Check the names and numbers: Has a person or company name been spelt in two different ways within the same document (e.g. Graham Jones has become Graeme Jones later on in the text)? You need to be consistent.
  5. Remember to check the subject line too: … where a spellchecker may not be active, depending on your email software! First impressions count.


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