Sales meeting notes is a chore no one wants to do

Sales meeting notes should be easy and using a service like VoiceNotes to write up your notes for sales will save your time and allow you to concentrate on revenue. 

In the fast-paced sales world, time is money

Members of sales and business development teams excel at working hard to secure a meeting, and therefore love having a good meeting as a result. However, it can be hard for sales professionals to find the motivation and the time to write up the detailed records and sales notes that result from their hard work, as the fast-paced nature of the role requires them to be busy thinking about the next sale and the next meeting that’s in the diary as soon as the previous meeting is concluded.

At VoiceNotes, we allow sales professionals and business development teams to focus on what it is they do best – driving business and selling. All our clients need to do is phone in and dictate their sales meeting notes; they are then transcribed, expertly proofread and emailed back to the client word-perfect.

Sales notes made easy

At VoiceNotes, we are proud to have earned our reputation as the premier service when it comes to capturing the key thoughts and salient points from any meeting as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible.

In the modern business environment, the vast majority of companies need to keep a record of all their sales meeting notes to ensure compliance with a variety of regulatory bodies, including those governing MiFID II and GDPR. This can be a burden on sales professionals and members of business development teams. They often find themselves forced to try and keep these records up to date whilst on the move between meetings. However, this need not be the case, and at VoiceNotes, our solution is simple.

How to use VoiceNotes for sales notes.

Instead of scrambling for a loose scrap of paper to jot down notes or asking a PA – who will inevitably already be snowed under with a long to-do list of their own – to record a dictation, all sales professionals who adopt our service need to do is phone a dedicated, secured line and – after the beep! – leave a message on our streamlined system. This voicenote will then be transcribed by our typists, professionally proofread and returned to the client. Our clients are left with a clear, accurate and polished record of their sales meeting for their CRM system, which can then be referred back to at any time in the future that it may be deemed necessary. Sales meetings captured in minutes!

Notes for sales

It’s not just the consistently high quality of sales meeting notes recorded using the VoiceNotes service that has led to sales and business development teams around the world to view us as an indispensable and essential part of their day-to-day operations; we also have clients who use us for a variety of additional purposes. Need to give yourself a reminder for a follow-up meeting? Simply request a specific date in your dictation and you will be automatically emailed on that day with a reminder. Want to draft a letter of complaint about poor service you received somewhere? Just phone the team at VoiceNotes and dictate your draft, which will receive a thorough grammatical check from our experienced, professional team. We don’t mind what the subject is, and we have a wide breadth of knowledge to draw on from within our team. We will transcribe and proofread anything and everything!

Below is an example of a template you might find useful for standard sales records:

  1. The identity of the attendees.
  2. The date and time of the meeting.
  3. The location of the meeting.
  4. The initiator of the meeting.
  5. Agenda item summary, followed by minutes relating to that item. Next steps recorded with an execution date and the person responsible for which next step.
  6. AOB.
  7. Date of next meeting.


Instant updates on clients for Sales Support and CRM systems is simple to achieve

We don’t only transcribe and proofread, however. We can also accommodate other needs that our clients may have, such as entering data on a client’s CRM system. One of the most popular features of our service is our ability to set up distribution lists for individual users. This enables our clients to see to sales note immediately. For example, a dedicated Sales Support or PA can see any meeting note you want them to. This stops our clients from using up their precious time forwarding notes on to colleagues. As soon as they leave a message on their dedicated line, they know that the finished note will arrive in the specified colleagues’ inboxes at the exact same moment that it arrives in their own.

Update information for absent colleagues

If a team member or colleague is absent from a meeting they miss information. As a result of reading a summary, they can catch up fast. This also prepares them for any follow-up meetings without unnecessary email exchanges. Whether an employee is gradually getting back into the routine of being on the road all day after a period of working remotely, or continuing to work hard to maintain and rebuild business flows from a new work space at home, they will need their Sales Support teams to perform various action points on their behalf.

Our clients can call from any location, at any time. This enables urgent action points to be delivered straight to Sales Support. This means any next steps can be actioned without delay.

Spend your time on more valuable tasks than admin/writing up sales meetings

The one thing that our clients value the most is time. Naturally, it follows that writing up sales notes or completing other time-consuming administrative tasks is a major problem for companies. That’s why they turn to VoiceNotes. The consistent feedback we receive from our clients highlights just how much our service frees them up. They can then pursue more important and productive tasks, whilst continuing to meet compliance requirements. Instead of being restricted to the office and tied to their desks in order to write or type up individual sales meeting notes, manually enter them into a system and forward them on to all relevant contacts, our clients simply call in, leave a message and then get back to the essential parts of their roles, leaving us to take care of processing the notes from business development and/or sales meetings for them.

“I founded the company but still use the service regularly for my meeting notes, as it saves me hours. Plus, I’m not great at punctuation and grammar, so I dictate the meeting summary for the accuracy. I then dictate the follow-up email I’m going to send to the client. That way, I know it’s word-perfect without me having to do any work or risk sending an email or letter to a client containing a typo!”Kirstie White, VoiceNotes Ltd.

Whether it be to record face-to-face meetings or virtual meetings, or any other transcription or proofreading requirement you may have, we are here to help you streamline your operations and save time and money.

Please get in touch with any questions. Or to request a free trial of our service for your notes for sales: / 0207 117 0066 / online form.


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