MiFID II and Senior Manager Meetings

Helping you achieve compliance throughout your customer journey by documenting meeting minutes for MiFID II and senior manager meetings / SMCR.

MiFID II meetings and client meeting notes


The FCA amended its proposal to require advisers to tape telephone calls under MiFID II by saying they can also make a written note of the conversation. They added the regulation that all face-to-face meetings also needed to have a written note. VoiceNotes delivers the solution by documenting all calls and face-to-face/virtual meetings in minutes. A transcription is a valid written note and ‘evidence’.


Our service is straightforward to set up and use. After a call or meeting, you dial a dedicated number from any phone, dictate the note, and hang up. Notes are processed, proofread and emailed back word-perfect.

  • No equipment necessary.
  • No IT set-up.
  • Because of the above, you can start using the service straight away.


All MiFID II client meeting notes are time and date-stamped. Dictating notes straight after a meeting is as contemporaneous as you can get versus recording the actual meeting. Recording the actual meeting ‘live’ isn’t always practical. Therefore, this is the perfect solution to capturing the meeting.


The FCA have laid out what minimum information should be captured under the EU rules for MiFID II meetings:


  • The identity of the attendees.
  • The date and time of the meeting.
  • The location of the meeting.
  • The initiator of the meeting.
  • Relevant information about the client order, including the price, volume, type of order and when it shall be transmitted or executed.


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Senior manager meetings and SM&CR meeting minutes


Writing up minutes of board and senior manager meetings takes time. However it is necessary for good governance. VoiceNotes provides a simple, secure and cost effective solution to outsource writing up meeting minutes.


How to use our dial-in and dictation service for meeting minutes and actions


You dictate senior manager meeting minutes on our secure lines using any phone. We transcribe and proofread the notes to perfection, then email them back securely.


You can also upload full meeting minutes if you have your own audio file

We can use a secure upload facility if you have your own audio file.


Other useful information on senior manager and investment management committee meetings

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MiFID II client meeting notes senior manager meeting

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