VoiceNotes: a helping hand in a world where regulation is becoming stricter

VoiceNotes: a helping hand in a world where regulation is becoming stricter

VoiceNotes: Helping With Financial Regulations.

In a world where regulation is becoming stricter, we could all do with a helping hand, and there are many companies, services, products and tools for the job, including us. However, we have something extra to offer. VoiceNotes may not strictly be a piece of ‘technology’ – a program or a tool that advisers or IFAs can directly use – but behind the scenes, we are a well-oiled, efficient machine. Length of dictation dependent, it can take only minutes from when you hang up your call to receiving your voicenote in your inbox, and that record of a ‘meeting that may result in a transaction’ is done, recorded, and you have ticked that MiFID II box.

Where we go one step beyond is, of course, rooted in our history – our ethos. We are a dedicated team whose aim is to provide you with top-quality records of whatever it is you dictate. There are no machines to guess at what is being said or malfunction at the detection of a strong accent. Our astute typists work quickly to provide the raw data, and then our editorial-grade proofreaders, with their sharp eyes and ears and ability to contextualise what is being said, perfect your written dictation, meaning you can have the utmost confidence in the accuracy of your final document.

Along with MiFID II regulation, there is also the tightening of rules around General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ‘Security’ is as big a buzzword at VoiceNotes as ‘grammar’, ‘spelling’ or ‘accuracy’. Your dictation and emails are encrypted every step of the way and we operate on a secure VPN platform, so you can rest assured that all sensitive client data is safe. Also, all our staff are CRB-checked in accordance with ISO compliance.

In an ever-changing and evolving technological world, increasing regulatory pressures are inevitable, and whilst there are many excellent digital and ‘technological’ solutions out there for your business, we are here also as a fully compliant company offering a service to help ease the burden of those regulatory pressures, but with that added human touch.

Please do get in touch to discuss our service or for a free trial – info@voicenotes.co.uk / 0207 117 0066