NHS discount card holders and charities – Offers for you


We offer NHS discount card holders, staff and charities FREE services and discounts as a small token of our appreciation. 


So many companies are doing this, we thought we’d offer too

We may not be a lovely hot food or essential item/food supplier that can help out the wonderful teams in the NHS and those working in the charity sector, but we hope we can help a few people who might be looking for a dictation, transcription and/or proofreading service.


Our services and offers to NHS discount card holders and anyone working in the charity sector

Short memos and posters for wards, doors, hospitals, GP practices

If it’s just a quick memo or grammar check for a poster to be printed and put up then we often can do this FOR FREE.

We know sometimes there isn’t time to spellcheck or have someone in the department on hand to look over a poster or print-out that you’d really like to display without typos and grammar errors, so we are happy to cast an expert eye over these for you.

NHS/charity sector discount price: FREE


Medical dictation & medical transcription services – 20% saving

NHS/charity sector discount price: from £150 + VAT per person per month (unlimited notes up to 100 minutes per month!).

Use any phone to dictate your memo/message/email 24/7. The VoiceNotes team will transcribe and email it back to you – word perfect and fast – so you can send it straight on to colleagues, family etc, with no typos.


Multi-voice/conference call transcription (from audio files) – 20% saving

NHS/charity sector discount price: £2.60 + VAT per audio minute


Proofreading letters, memos, reports, discharge papers – 10% saving

Charity sector and NHS discount card holder’s price: from £10 + VAT per 1,000 words / Proofreading and Copy-Editing: from £12 + VAT per 1,000 words.

When we proofread something, we correct spelling errors, grammatical errors and errant punctuation (and add it where it is missing) and establish structure (paragraphs, etc).

If you want more than proofreading, you may like our copy-editing service. In short, copy-editing is the next level up from proofreading. There is a certain element of copy-editing going on in our day-to-day operations, as we check names and other facts mentioned by our clients for accuracy, as well as correct any faux pas that we are all prone to making in everyday speech. When you enlist our copy-editing services, we will not only make your written work read beautifully, we will also make it professional. If this is what you require, it’s important to understand that you are giving us permission to change, re-word or even re-write parts of your work to ensure it is fluid and cohesive and there is consistency throughout in structure – paragraphs, formatting, etc.


What we include in Proofreading versus Copy-Editing

Feature Proofreading Copy-Editing
Style and format


We are happy to offer these discounts to all those who work in the charity and healthcare sectors

So if you do have an NHS discount card, are associated with the NHS, or in the charity sector you can have our discounts and promotions. We would love to help.

Offer is subject to availability/please quote ‘NHS discount offer’.


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To talk to us about your requirements, or to enlist our proofreading service and/or our copy-editing service, you can contact us on 02071170066 for a no-obligation discussion and quote. Alternatively, drop us a line at info@voicenotes.co.uk


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