Fintech, Hedge Funds and Virtual Meetings

Fintech, Hedge Funds and Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are simply not the same as face-to-face, but we are all having to get to grips with them fast to not lose clients!

The essence of a meeting hasn’t changed.

Whether it’s a face-to-face meeting or a virtual meeting, as are customary at the present time, meetings are designed for KYC purposes, to garner information, help advisers hit targets and stay compliant. The expectation that this remains the case is as certain as everything else is currently uncertain. After all, what good is a meeting if one can’t remember the details or what to do next?

Global Banking and Finance

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Taking good meeting notes for financial regulatory requirements

Taking good meeting notes aren’t simply just good practice for time saving and data quality purposes; in industries such as the financial industry in particular, they are a regulatory requirement to stay compliant (MiFID II, RDR, SM&CR, etc), even more so today with client and agent contact happening from afar through virtual means. They are also vital for in-house affairs and housekeeping – for instance, if employees have been furloughed, to ensure that when they return, it’s as though they have never been away. Employees also have a duty of care, as always, to their staff, to ensure they are mentally as well as physically well during this time, which means further documenting needs doing.

So, what’s the best fintech solution to capturing meeting notes for the financial sector if professionals don’t have time to themselves but must for compliance purposes?

An ISO-accredited service like VoiceNotes that doesn’t use voice to text – not even a spellchecker, as that, too, can be reading your text. Their technology secures all the confidentiality and compliance needed to keep information safe, and the human transcription and proofreading teams ensure accuracy and ‘intelligence’ when transcribing, so the meeting notes you receive are of the highest quality when it comes to your important content and also linguistically.

How our service works to capture meeting notes for the financial sector.

Use any phone to dictate meeting notes after virtual and face-to-face meetings to receive a perfect transcript back by email, fast. No technology needed.

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