Meeting Minutes for MiFID II


VoiceNotes delivers the solution for meeting minutes for MiFID II by capturing and documenting calls and face-to-face meetings.


Introduction to record-keeping for MiFID II


The FCA amended its proposal to require advisers to tape telephone calls under MiFID II by saying they can also make a written note of the conversation.

They added the regulation that all face-to-face meetings also needed to have a written note to meet MiFID II requirements. VoiceNotes delivers the ‘Meeting Minutes for MiFID II and SMCR and Senior Manager’ solution by documenting all calls and face-to-face meetings in minutes.

It’s straightforward to set up and use: after a call or meeting, teams dial a dedicated number from any phone, dictate the note, and hang up. Notes are processed, proofread and emailed back word-perfect. No equipment is needed or IT set-up required.

All notes are time and date-stamped, enabling them to be as contemporaneous as they can be versus recording the actual meeting, which isn’t always practical.

The FCA have laid out what minimum information should be captured under the EU rules:

  1. The identity of the attendees.
  2. The date and time of the meeting.
  3. The location of the meeting.
  4. The initiator of the meeting.
  5. Relevant information about the client order, including the price, volume, type of order and when it shall be transmitted or executed.


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Here is a free meeting note template for advisers and financial planners.

A few months on and we wrote another article about MiFID II


Now a few months since MiFID II came into effect, the IFA community could be forgiven for thinking that the legislation didn’t amount to quite the paradigm shift that had been promised. Nevertheless, advisers who have yet to fully meet the far-reaching requirements should remember that the legislation is part of a wider process that has only just begun.

MiFID II’s increased compliance requirements aim to safeguard market quality, regain consumer trust, provide robust levels of investor protection and increase transparency throughout the industry. This focus on greater accountability to the client is not just the central theme behind the repurposing of the original MiFID legislation; it is a part of a wider shift towards transparency throughout the financial services industry – a shift that is largely in harmony with public opinion.

It is essential that advisers are certain of the status of their firm and what this entails under MiFID II. MiFID II casts a much wider net than the original legislation, and exemptions to Article 3 are much more limited this time around. Consequently, IFAs who previously benefited from an exemption may now find themselves falling within the scope of MiFID II rules.

One of the issues IFAs have faced whilst attempting to prepare for MiFID II is what many advisers, with some justification, see as a lack of clarity from the Regulator concerning how MiFID II specifically affects them.

Author: Matt Riordan, VoiceNotes Ltd enables you to dictate meeting notes, minutes, reports, client updates, etc.. They are then transcribed, proofread and emailed back to you securely and accurately.


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Meeting Minutes for MiFID II