LinkedIn Proofreading Service

The generation-spanning grip of social media’s influence on our daily interactions shows no signs of loosening. In the working community, while we are perhaps less likely to be lured by the attraction of Snapchat animal filters (well, you’d hope), the pervasive presence of business networking sites such as LinkedIn – affording us a platform for promotion of our experience and expertise to a global audience within a couple of clicks – make the portrayal of our (genuine) best selves no less desirable.  Every one of us now has the capacity, literally at our fingertips, to be our own agent and publicist, though this is arguably a mixed blessing when one written misstep could repel multiple potential contacts and business opportunities without our ever being aware.

For over a decade, we have been providing audio transcription, proofreading and copy-editing services to the finance industry, VoiceNotes has been acutely aware that the old adage ‘all publicity is good publicity’ is far from the case, if what you are publicising is grammatically-flawed and/or unengaging written content, reflecting badly upon its author.  To that end we have made it our mission since inception to provide that crucial degree of accuracy and polish to companies’ meeting notes, written communications, websites and brochures.

Since 2018 we have additionally been helping our clients improve their social media presence by proofreading and copy-editing their LinkedIn profile summariesJust send a link to your LinkedIn profile page to us at and we will return a Word version with all suggested amendments and re-writes clearly marked up, both to show you what we can do and to help you ensure that your LinkedIn profile is attracting peer attention – for all the right reasons! On an average profile, we charge approx. £10-15 + vat.