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The benefits when paraplanners outsource proofreading is immense


Our professional proofreading service for paraplanners

When clients outsource paraplanning, they are looking for a ‘partner’ to take on the writing-up of their B2C reports, and, naturally, they expect those reports to be an accurate and polished representation of their professional advice. Paraplanners who skip the proofreading of those reports risk their credibility being diminished by potential missed typos and/or grammatical errors that can so easily be missed when their time and focus is – naturally – dedicated to compiling the data and formulating the advice contained within the report.

Writing clear, grammatical reports is crucial for paraplanners for multiple reasons:

1. Communication: Paraplanners need to communicate complex financial concepts and strategies to clients and financial advisers. A well-written report ensures that the information is conveyed clearly and effectively, which helps clients understand their financial situation and make informed decisions.

2. Compliance: Paraplanners are often responsible for preparing reports and documents that comply with regulatory requirements. Clarity and accuracy are essential to avoid any legal issues that may arise from miscommunication or incorrect information.

3. Professionalism: Well-written reports demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail, which can help build trust and credibility with clients and colleagues. It shows that the paraplanner takes their work seriously and cares about providing high-quality service.

4. Timesaving: A well-written report can save time for both the paraplanner and the client. A clear, concise report can help clients understand their financial situation more quickly, reducing the need for follow-up questions or additional meetings. It can also save the paraplanner time by reducing the need for revisions or clarifications.

Our proofreading service is not only renowned for its accuracy, but as our team are permanent employees, you can be assured that your documents are handled securely and with consistency and professionalism. We are also ISO 27001 accredited; dealing day in, day out with highly sensitive client data, this highlights our distinction in the proofreading arena. Under ISO 27001, our staff undergo strict vetting before working with us; the quality of our data protection protocol mirrors the quality of our work. Always. Above all, you can trust us with your data.

A testimonial from one of our happy clients about our professional proofreading service

“VoiceNotes have been supporting us with proofreading our technical reports for around a year, and we are really happy with their service. They were flexible in their approach to agreeing a way that would work for both our firms to work together and it has been without hitch. We feel comfortable that the quality we strive to achieve is matched, but also improved through their service.” Siân Davies Cole, Plan Works 

“I wish we’d done this years ago. Over the moon with the service to date, and the speed is incredible. It’s saving me masses of time not having to (badly) proofread everything, and saving the design team time on making changes etc. It’s definitely notched us up in the service we offer to our clients.” Lee Shore 

Why choose VoiceNotes?

  • Accuracy guaranteed by UK editorial-grade proofreaders and copy-editors who are experts in proofreading paraplanners’ client reports 
  • Only our trained and experienced team will work on your project; we do not outsource
  • Excellent rates
  • Over 16 years’ experience with FTSE 100 companies, SMEs and individuals
  • ISO 27001 accredited, ensuring data is kept confidential at all times 

Our copy-editing service for paraplanners

In short, copy-editing is the next level up from proofreading for paraplanners. There is a certain element of copy-editing going on in our day-to-day operations, as we check names and other facts mentioned by our clients for accuracy. Moreover, we correct any faux pas that we are all prone to making in everyday speech.

When you enlist our copy-editing services, we will make your written work read beautifully. As a result, to the reader it will flow and look more polished. If this is what you require, it’s important to understand that you are giving us permission to change, re-word or even re-write parts of your work to ensure:

  • It is fluid and cohesive.
  • Any factual errors are corrected.
  • In the case of any ESL pieces, that they are linguistically correct.
  • There is consistency throughout in structure – paragraphs, formatting, etc. 


We are very happy to take a look at your document and discuss what you need and whether that would fall under our proofreading or copy-editing service, before any commitment to proceed is made.

Our proofreading service starts at £12 + VAT for 1,000 words

As a rough guide, our rates are from £12 + VAT per 1,000 words for proofreading, and from £15 + VAT per 1,000 words for proofreading and copy-editing.

Which countries do we cover with our proofreading service?

Our service caters for clients across the UK and globally. We love having an international portfolio of companies that call on us for our accuracy and customer service. There are highly experienced eyes behind every report. Above all, we love our job and pride ourselves on doing it well.

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