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For VoiceNotes users, ‘notes anxiety’ becomes a thing of the past as all their critical prospect opportunity data and follow-up actions are permanently captured – all with one simple mobile phone call that can be easily made from the back of a cab, over lunch, in the foyer of the next meeting, or even on the way home. For industries where keeping an audit trail is important, VoiceNotes enables the users to adhere to regulatory requirements.

Time saved by capturing information using VoiceNotes will optimise sales efficiency and generate numerous other benefits for both users and management:

  • Increased productivity by eliminating time spent writing up notes and eradicating inefficiencies of handwritten or incomplete documentation
  • Optimised operational efficiency by having critical information captured and follow-up actions on file for front and back office, instantly shortening the sales life cycle
  • Word-perfect emails, documents and templates ready for internal and client-facing distribution
  • Improved client confidence through maintaining detailed client relationship history; especially important if an account changes hands
  • Management’s needs met for return on CRM investment, as information captured is current; monthly MI/Reporting on meetings is provided
  • Compliance needs met for recording MiFID II/TCF/Senior Management Regime requirements

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