Work for Good is the smart way to donate


Work For Good provides a really smart way for businesses to give to the causes that they care about. This platform builds ‘giving’ into your day to day work, for the good of both charities and your business.


What we are doing to help

We are offering 10% of our revenue achieved via Work For Good partners to raise £100 for our charities.

This can be for our dial-in dictation service, audio transcription (single or multi-voice) and pre-written proofreading/copy-editing.

About the NHS Charity We Are Supporting

The NHS Charity we are supporting is the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Charitable Fund which helps give patients the best possible experience. We make a difference to people’s lives by funding medical equipment, patient events and furnishings.

Our promise

For the rest of the year, we are offering 10% off our prices to anyone involved in Work For Good, plus we will donate 10% of the invoice to charity.

Here is an extract and link to their website about why and how you can donate too.

If you’re a small business that wants to donate to charity and publicise your giving it can be extremely challenging.

In order to be legally compliant a commercial participation agreement (CPA) must be set up with each individual charity, which is both timely and costly for charities to produce and minimum donations can be required. Unfortunately, this means charities aren’t always able to accept smaller cause-related marketing donations and this is where Work for Good can help.

Work For Good enables you to:

  • Automatically create a CPA with each charity you donate to
  • Research and donate to hundreds of charities
  • Publicise your giving
  • Set targets for your donations
  • Record all your charitable donations in your business tax year


Work For Good

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