VoiceNotes achieves ISO 27001 certification, and why it’s important.

VoiceNotes recently achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification. We are pleased to be able to share this, as it demonstrates our continued commitment to the security of our systems, processes and customer data.

When looking for a transcription partner, the security of your data should be of paramount importance.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised, definitive standard, and ensures that certified organisations have implemented an effective Information Security Management System, that is continually improved and assessed annually. It requires that the management team:

  • Systematically examine the organisation’s information security risks, taking account of the threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences
  • Design and implement a coherent and comprehensive program of information security controls and risk treatments to address those risks that are below a defined tolerance
  • Implement and maintain an overarching management process to ensure that the information security controls continue to meet the organisation’s information security needs on an on-going basis

VoiceNotes has undertaken external ISO 27001 auditing as it benefits us, and our clients, in a number of ways. It demonstrates a clear commitment to Information Security Management to third parties and other business stakeholders, provides a robust framework to ensure the fulfilment of contractual and legal responsibilities, and also provides certification against a recognised external standard which can facilitate due diligence processes.

ISO 27001, whilst it ensures that organisations have considered information security risks, put in place controls to address these and made information security the responsibility of all employees, from the very top down, it doesn’t mandate all implementation details. We are ready, as ever, to answer any questions and assist with in-depth due diligence of our systems and processes, should you wish to talk with us further.

Ben Wilder, Co-Founder and Technical Director, states: “Our ISO 27001 certification affirms our commitment to our focus on customer data security in a rapidly changing cyber security world. It also provides us with a firm base from which to address GDPR regulations.”

The VoiceNotes service enables you to dictate meeting notes, minutes, reports, client updates, etc., which are typed, proofread and emailed back to you and your sales support/CRM if required. Our bespoke technology delivers your information via the highest security means possible, and our expert UK-based team process your documents with accuracy and intelligence.

Our ISO 27001:2013 certificate can be found here: ISMS_170930-01_ENG_VoiceNotes_Ltd


About the Author:

Co-founder & Director of Technology “The technology behind VoiceNotes is bespoke and ever-evolving as we are consistently looking to increase security and protect client information. We are very proud of our intelligent technology workflow behind the scenes.”