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If your company is based in or around Greater London, it makes sense to choose a London-based team who have earned the reputation as the premier provider of transcription and proofreading services to the financial industry in the capital (and beyond!). Moreover, wouldn’t you like to meet the company who are handling your confidential data in person?

A little about who we are – a London-based transcription company 

We launched VoiceNotes in 2007 in Central London, and as we were keen to go in and meet our clients, both current and prospective, to demonstrate how we could support and enhance their business activity, our initial target market was similarly London based. Back then, even before compliance regulations mandated that professionals should write up the up details of meetings or calls, the requirement for in-the-moment transcription of meeting notes was still high, as remembering and capturing the salient points of every meeting (invariably at the end of a long day when the last thing anyone wished to do was spend their evening on transcription administration) was a time-drain that negatively impacted upon both wellbeing and productivity.

Reputation counts

With VoiceNotes’ reputation as the financial sector’s premier provider among London transcription companies spreading rapidly, our roster of clients – which included asset managers, fund houses and banks – grew fast, and to this day, the majority of our clients continue to come from the finance sector, where the need for accuracy and, above all, data security are paramount. We do, however also, enjoy productive working relationships with many other sectors, including legal, creative and education. See our client testimonials here to see why VoiceNotes is their provider of choice among London transcription companies.

In a world where regulation and governance are becoming stricter, London-based transcription companies understand the rules

VoiceNotes’ strength is its marriage of human insight with technology, resulting in a well-oiled, efficient machine delivering the quality that can still only be guaranteed with the participation of ‘real’ people. Length of dictation dependent, it can take only minutes from when you hang up your call to receiving your voicenote in your inbox. Every dictation passes through a two-step quality process: it is first transcribed by one of our typists, and then expertly proofread by one of our editorial-grade proofreaders. We do not use AI or voice recognition, and this sets us apart from many dictation services. Every voicenote is processed with human intuition, so you will not need to waste valuable time correcting ‘mishears’, misspellings and the wrong choice of homophone!

Transcription services and security 

Another of our USPs is our stringent security. The nature of our sector specialism dictates (pun intended!) that we are heavily vetted before clients sign any contract. We are ISO 27001-accredited, giving our clients peace of mind in knowing that their meeting notes, internal memos, employee appraisals, etc are safe and they will never receive less than the highest quality of service delivery. Moreover, it’s not just our systems and practices that are scrutinised – all employees undergo a CRB check upon joining the company.

Will online meetings stay, and will this affect the work that London transcription companies provide?

During COVID, the ‘virtual meeting’ changed from niche to norm quite literally overnight. Since then, there have been countless hours spent sat in front of screens. ‘Zoom/Teams fatigue’ is now a bona fide ailment amongst workers in client-centric occupations such as advice, planning and asset management, so even for ‘screen meetings’, the prospect of being freed up from the laborious, time-draining chore of typing up meeting notes is as desirable now as it ever was.

Getting back on the road

For our sales clients, for example – those whose day-to-day activity involves driving around the country and, well, meeting people the remote working experience has resulted in a significant reduction in business for them. These workers thrive on the physical engagement with prospects and clients alike to drive their sales, particularly new sales. For many, feeling like they are ‘not meeting someone new properly’ is the biggest obstacle in their way. Meetings in the virtual arena, for them, simply aren’t as memorable. Attention spans can be weaker, or shorter, and distractions are aplenty. Therefore, by extension, a salesperson’s product is less memorable, and they can’t use their skills as easily to pull their prospective buyer back ‘into the moment’. So, let’s do more meetings and less admin now! That’s why people dictate their notes to VoiceNotes, so they can get back on the road.

Working with you for maximum rewards

Whatever your specialism may be, your meeting content, and the quality of the documentation of that content, is critical. Accordingly, when researching London transcription companies, knowing that quality is assured, and you are able to meet the business partner delivering your transcriptions, affords you welcome peace of mind. Invest in your time, invest in your productivity, and reap the rewards!

How our dictation and transcription service works

  • Use any phone, any time, to dictate any information you need to capture. Alternatively, use our secure upload facility.
  • Our UK-based, permanent team of editorial-grade transcriptionists and proofreaders turn around transcripts with speed and efficiency.
  • Our team can also transpose information onto bespoke templates for compliance/MiFID II/Know Your Customer, TCF requirements, if required.
  • We offer a secure transcription service to any sector.
  • We pass ISO 27001 regulatory and confidentiality requirements.
  • Our client list, below, speaks for itself.





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