There are four ways that VoiceNotes can integrate/enter data into CRM systems.


CSV data file

CSV of all voicenotes can be emailed to the client for the client to import into their CRM system

No access to the client’s CRM system is required


Email-to-CRM – if client set up allows

Client needs to check if a unique ‘email-to-CRM’ is available/it’s not in all CRM systems.

Voicenotes are cc’d into the client’s CRM email

The client then assigns them to contact/lead/account

No access to the client’s CRM system is required


A third party App

VoiceNotes ‘links’ to a client’s CRM system via the App (no data is stored on the app)

VoiceNotes assigns voicenotes and sets tasks to contact/lead/account

VoiceNotes has necessary, limited (i.e. NOT direct) access to client’s CRM system

A licence is required


A CRM restricted licence

Client sets up a restricted licence so VoiceNotes can enter data directly into contact/lead/accounts

VoiceNotes assigns notes and/or sets tasks to contact/lead/account

Direct access required to the CRM system, albeit with restricted fields/limited access

A CRM licence is required


Please contact us to discuss your requirements about meeting notes CRM. We are flexible to work with your suggestions too.

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