About our Voice to Text Service.

In an ideal world, we’d all diligently write up our meeting notes. However, there simply isn’t enough time for most businesses to be able to do this accurately. That’s where our Voice to Text Service comes in.


We offer a secure voice to text service to dictate meeting notes, minutes and reports. The process couldn’t be easier. We simply transcribe them and return them to you by email.


It’s simple to use, meets the security necessary for the financial sector, and increases productivity and sales.


If you are in need of a secure voice to text service to transcribe your notes, get in touch with VoiceNotes today. We are proud to have served some of the most presitigious clients across the financial sector, and our accuracy and security is unmatched. Find out how we can help you and your business save hours of time every week!

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Spend time increasing revenues with clients, not on admin.

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Increase productivity by capturing critical information.

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Present word-perfect emails, documents and templates.

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CRM Value

Notes can be integrated onto CRM systems immediately.

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A record for your own protection & compliance.

Voice To Text Service – What we do.


We provide a number to dial

It’s a local, secured line. Can be dialled from any phone.


You dial in & dictate your notes

Call anytime, from anywhere. All accents welcomed.


Transcriptions are emailed to you

Word-perfect notes are sent from our secure system.

Among our client roster

“VoiceNotes consistently return work in well within their advertised time and to a high degree of accuracy. The quality and reliability of the service make it a pleasure to use.”

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Charlie Connell, Connell Ventures

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