Tips to save time for busy professionals

We all know the drill – busy day, lots of meetings, calls that seem to last an age, barely a minute to grab a sandwich, no time to listen to lengthy voicemails, firing off a quick email response to a client while on the go, and then a rather unhelpful drive home before a gruelling evening ahead of remembering actions following on from meetings, typing up meeting notes, updating the dreaded CRM system…


Here are 5 tips to save time and restore the boundary between work and home life, giving you back your evenings to spend with family/friends…

1. Video calls vs travelling? It’s a pretty obvious statement that a face to face meeting generally creates an instant and better long lasting relationship versus a phone call but is there a middle ground to still create the relationship without the travel? We think so. Recently we’ve been video calling prospects and it’s surprising how, for us, it goes a long way towards the benefits of a face to face meeting as you remain focused on the person ‘in front of you’ (rather than trying to type emails/sign documents/other jobs if you’re on the phone and don’t think someone can see you!).

2. Most emails are fired off during the busy day and although not meant to come across as rushed they often don’t give the greatest impression to clients. Setting up templates in whatever device you are using (whether it be in your phone/ipad/laptop) is crucial so instead of just firing off a short email response in a hurry you can simply use the templates to copy/paste ‘niceties’. Sound basic, well, that’s human nature after all!

3. Remembering next steps from meetings. Using a service like VoiceNotes you can dictate meeting summaries and next steps to act on later, or you can ask for the note to be forwarded to a PA/Sales support/colleague to follow up while you’re out on the next meeting. Alleluia!

4. Don’t spend ages updating a CRM system. If you have a little budget left, outsource this task to allow you to meet CRM targets while not sacrificing time with clients to secure revenue…

5. Call VoiceNotes! We provide a dictation service that allows you to leave meeting notes and actions in one call, which are then typed up, proofread and emailed back to you, your PA, sales support or direct to a company CRM system within minutes. You can also dictate emails which will be word-perfect so you can cut/paste these to send on (if you haven’t had time  to set up your ‘fluffy’ templates)!

By Kirstie White, Co-Founder of VoiceNotes – reduce the need for sales admin, giving back you and your team the valuable time needed on what you do best – selling.

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About the Author:

Kirstie is the co-founder of VoiceNotes Ltd. She has helped build brands for leading FMCG companies (Procter & Gamble/Shell) for over a decade before launching her own businesses. She specialises in supporting businesses in the financial sector. "VoiceNotes delivers the best service in the world and keeps ahead of the market – that’s enough to keep my interest in driving it forward.”