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VoiceNotes @ The Financial Services Forum 2017

VoiceNotes is delighted to announce our attendance at the Financial Services Forum’s event at Spital Square on the 5th October, where we look forward to spending some time with marketing professionals within the financial sector.

The core business proposition that – over our 10-year history – has secured VoiceNotes’ reputation as the go-to resource to facilitating high-quality call reporting by financial sales teams, has proven equally invaluable to our clients’ marketing divisions. In the latter ‘world’, however, the need has extended beyond the efficient capture of meeting data through the ‘dial and dictate’ service: effectively the face of a company’s operations, the pressure falls most heavily on marketing executives to ensure that the high calibre of their business’s operations is correspondingly reflected in its PR communications across all platforms – be that the company website, promotional brochures, podcast or conference transcriptions. Having already worked closely with a number of client marketing divisions since our inception, the launch of VoiceNotes’ new ‘Proof & Copy’ service in 2016 has further enhanced our capacity to ensure the production of well-phrased, grammar-perfect copy for our clients – every time. (See except from our July ‘10th anniversary’ newsletter below).

We hope to have the opportunity of saying hello to you on the 5th!

Proofreading service launch                                                                                                            

Following the success and rapid growth of VoiceNotes’ core service, the time was ripe for extending our mission to rid the business world of damaging ‘sloppy copy’(!). Subsequently, in November 2016, VoiceNotes Proof and Copy made its debut, with our tack-sharp, highly experienced proofreading team primed to undertake proofing and copy-editing projects across the printed and digital documental spectrum – from websites to brochures, PR releases to annual reports.

This new initiative has been welcomed by an increasing number of clients looking to ensure the perfection of their business’s ‘shop window’ and mindful of how slick written communication, demonstrating attention to detail, suggests a correspondingly slick business operation (while conversely, poor, error-ridden copy… well, we probably don’t need to say anything further). We’re always open to new challenges – nothing too large, too small or too obscure (our mantra being ‘if it’s written, we’ll perfect it’) so if you have a project you’d like to discuss, just call or drop us a line.

Click here to find out more about our proofreading and copy editing service.