File Notes – Why Are They Increasingly Time Consuming? – March 2019

Writing up file notes is becoming increasingly time consuming – what options are available to help?

VoiceNotes is the market leader in the transcription and proof-reading of outsourced file notes and reports for Financial Planners and IFAs – saving them on average 3-4 hours a week.

VoiceNotes saves you valuable time and allows you to capture meeting notes while they are fresh in your mind, but it’s not all about efficiency and productivity – the transcribed notes also serve as evidence of your compliance with MiFID II record-keeping regulations from face-to-face meetings and calls.  

How the service works: You dictate the notes from any phone then hang up. We type, proofread and return them by email. It’s very straightforward and saves hours. No new technology needed. They can be straightforward meeting notes or notes you want us to transpose into a template (for example, Fact-Finds/TCF forms).

Confidentiality: We only provide this service to the financial sector and have been approved and are used by institutional banks, investment firms and IFAs. We have an ISO97001 certification and are GDPR compliant.

LifeTalk Member Offer: A two-week free (no-obligation) trial to put us to the test

LifeTalk Member Offer: Free template of what you should be noting down from client meetings to meet MiFID II

To ask a question or start the free trial, contact Kirstie, Ben or one of the team on:

0207 117 0066


About the Author:

Kirstie is the co-founder of VoiceNotes Ltd. She has helped build brands for leading FMCG companies (Procter & Gamble/Shell) for over a decade before launching her own businesses. She specialises in supporting businesses in the financial sector. "VoiceNotes delivers the best service in the world and keeps ahead of the market – that’s enough to keep my interest in driving it forward.”