10 Top Tips from the VoiceNotes team – May 2019

Here are our top tips to get the most value out of VoiceNotes:

1. Record all meeting/trip notes and call reports, to capture all salient conversation points while they are still fresh in the mind.

2. Want to remind yourself of a task/follow-up when you get back to your desk? Tell VoiceNotes when to send the reminder (next week, Friday at 4pm – useful for those ‘they said it’s not a good time now, but to check in with them again in 6 months’ time’ notes) and we will set up an automatic reminder to arrive in your in-box on the requested date.

3. Capturing action points of team meetings, coaching & development reviews and one-to-ones.

4. Capturing the odd idea/thought when you are on the move, without the need for ‘thumb typing’.

5. Ensuring you have a detailed client relationship history recorded, which could prove invaluable in developing the business with them and trouble-shooting.

6. At training seminars, recording the salient points and examples.

7. At trade shows and networking events you can leave a short debrief describing the person you have met and any relevant business-related exchanges while they are fresh in your mind.

8. Dictating draft emails for clients, or colleagues (the latter of whom we can cc directly).

9. Capturing all, or summaries of, due diligence calls.

10. CCing instructions to admin support while you are out and about – If you want a report or document to be sent out to a client a.s.a.p., but you are in the car/having to dash to another meeting etc, just ask VoiceNotes to cc the support in question on the voicenote.

Any questions, please contact Marian Shepherd marian.shepherd@voicenotes.co.uk / 0207 117 0055


About the Author:

Marian is Director of Operations and Client Services at VoiceNotes. A BA Hons graduate in Modern Languages, prior to joining the company her career path included 15 years as editor and business/event manager within the music industry and several years in Cambridge as a teacher of EFL.